Scott Dodoro

Scott Dodoro started his career as a director but consistently found himself organizing people, searching for efficiencies, and ultimately, being the glue that held projects together. Suddenly, he had found his calling, producing, and he wanted more of it. That’s when Scott opened Local Boy, a collection of talented directors set out to morph visual perspectives in the creative world.

Unlike some producers who feel most comfortable in video village, you’ll find Scott taking care of his crew, triple checking creative, moving lines, finding the best light, and if the job calls on it, taking director roles himself. His drive to help clients create the best work possible is what keeps Local Boy true to who they are, no matter the budget.

Past clients include Uber, Snapchat, GM, Ford, Toyota, Cox Communication, JBL, Blue Apron, McLaren Health, FIRST, Jets Pizza, THAW and Dogtopia just to name a few.