Jeff Dougherty is very versatile director and DP. As a young college grad he got his start working at camera house as he became familiar with film cameras and gear and quickly climbed the ranks to be an accomplished DP. Directing these days, Jeff is sought after for his automotive work with a drive to succeed and a passion for this craft that can rival any young-up-and-comer. He is a mentor to many as his filmmaking has taken him to 5 continents and too many countries to count. Confident shooting cars he has also worked in comedy, travel, fashion, commercial and documentary styles.

Jeff Dougherty

Last name pronounced Dah-ker-tee, Jeff is a veteran director in the automotive world with a unique approach to keeping footage fresh. For Jeff, running footage, product shots and feature highlights are a unique opportunity to think outside the box, push the boundaries, and set clients a part from the rest. He’s known for beauty in his craft, he just see’s light different than most.

While Jeff has honed in his talents to the auto industry, he’s also brought his expertise to comedy, travel, fashion, commercials and documentaries.